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How does Socialcam work?

by admin on 31 July, 2012 at 12:32

In today’s digital world, creativity is becoming more important and we’re starting to see a desire by brands to facilitate user generated content; and this requires visual thinking. We’ve already seen the rise of Instagram and how the world has taken to creating artsy pictures on their smartphones, or even how Facebook and Google+ have moved to offer more visually customised spaces to enhance that personalisation people seek; and what better way to express that personalisation than through video.

It’s no longer just about text; there has been a huge shift in the last couple of years with platforms such as YouTube and Viddy leading the way. With the world becoming ever so mobile, Socialcam is a create example of how mobile video sharing can be made fun, easy and ultimately customised. For one you can add filters, themes, music and link up to your other social networks all in one spot; and unlike Viddy Socialcam does not have a 15-second video limit.

If you haven’t already got on board with Socialcam, we have put together a short roundup of what you’ll need to know to get started.


Getting started:

Assuming you have already downloaded the Socialcamapp then the first task is to sign up with the app; this is relatively painless as you can do this via Facebook, Twitter or email. We would definitely recommend using Facebook or Twitter to enhance the social experience. Don’t be put off selecting Facebook, as you can set privacy controls later.

After registering, Socialcam will suggest users to follow. It’s worth having a browse through friends and featured users, but if you want to motor ahead then there is a ‘Follow All’ button you can click.

Ok so first of all, let’s take a look at what you’ll see when you open the app.  Most noticeably, along the bottom of the screen you will see four tabs (Videos, Popular, Friends and Activity) and these offer the following functionality:

  • Videos – similar to a news feed, here you can sort through your friends videos, edit your profile and manage your general settings. At the top of the screen you also have the ability to turn social features on and off using a slider.

  • Popular - A great visual gallery of all the videos that have been a hit based on views and likes. It’s a good way to see what really excites the Socialcam audience. One other nice feature is the trending button in the top right hand corner; this is very similar to Twitter’s trending topics, which is always worth a browse

  • Friends – Like Twitter, Socialcam allows you to follow people, so the friends tab is where you can see all the users that you follow, and who follow you. There is also the ability to find friends, which you can do so using the tab on the far top right hand side of the screen

  • Activity – This section is split into two functions, the first is the ‘Yours’ section which displays your recent actions such as likes , comments and views, and the second is the ‘All’ section which includes similar information, but from the people you follow


Now you’ve got your bearings, here’s where the fun starts. You know in the movies where they say “Don’t push the red button!” well now is the time to push that red button.  On selecting the record option (red button) you will access the camera mode, the main feature of Socialcam.

Once in camera mode there are three key things you need to know:

1. Swiping the screen with your finger will change the filter

2.  Tapping the screen will focus the camera

3.  Pinching the screen allows you to zoom in and out

The filters are where you can be extremely creative and there are 12 in total, ranging from Kodak to watercolour to even electronica, which makes an interesting filter (we won’t spoil it for you but it’s certainly very striking). The filters section does have a feel of Instagram to it, but it’s obviously tailored towards video rather than static imagery. In the image below you can see we’ve used the ‘1971’ filter.

After capturing your footage it’s time to name the master piece and give your video a title. Here you can also select the privacy settings you wish to apply to your video. Furthermore before you publish your video you can preview it, to make sure you’re 100% happy with it.

If you really want to get creative, then the next step will be to add a theme or music, or even both to your video. There are nine themes to select from, one for example an MTV style with video title, name and date in the lower left corner, to give that music video feel.

If you would like to add music to your video, then you can do so by selecting one of the fifteen songs available. You can’t add your own music but you can select from a range of symphonies.

After putting the final touches to you video, and you’ve hit the save button, you will be prompted to tag your friends, which is a great way to propagate the video between your friends, helping further the reach of the video in feeds. Do note however that this is optional and not a required step. The other field you can optionally fill in is the ‘who should see the video?’ here you can add email addresses to share your video directly.

One handy option is the ability to post your video on six social networks. These are:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Posterous and Tumblr. It’s the simple matter of selecting which the social networks you would like to post to. Once you’re happy click done and your video will be posted.

It’s doesn’t end there though. If you would like to make a couple of changes to your video after you’ve published it, then don’t panic as you can change the title, tweak the privacy settings or delete the video all together.

Have a play around with Socialcam as there are an abundance of cool features, we for one will be keen to see how we can integrate Socialcam into future campaigns.