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What makes the perfect tweet? Nine ideas to consider when writing tweets

by admin on 2 October, 2012 at 15:05

Twitter offers a plethora of opportunities to build and develop a social media offering for a brand, and the one question we hear most is, “Well where do we start and what do we tweet?”.

What to write in a tweet

Ok, so to start off, here are our five rudimentary starting blocks:

  • Invest time in searching for quality content that will be helpful to your audience
  • Tweet your own content including blogs, conference updates and work (whatever it is, make sure it’s of interest to your audience – this of paramount importance)
  • Tweet other people’s tweets and offer feedback via @ mentions
  • Add personality to tweets and don’t be a robot

People will interact with you if you offer them value, there’s a reason your company is in existence and it’s often the people who make up the company to why it’s successful; so let the personality of the company shine through in the tweets.

Why tweet at all? 140 characters is a short and concise way to communicate and engage with your audience, with the benefit of receiving real time feedback. With the limited characters people or brands have to get straight to the point with what they are trying to say, so it’s a great way to find relevant content more readily. With that being said, it is not only about finding new content and contacts, but about nurturing those relationships already established. Motivate people to share your content with their followers; you never know who is watching and you may just build up your following or in some cases a new customer.

Remember you’re in control, and you’re the one who decides who you follow. This means you have a great opportunity to build up a pool of brands, groups and individuals, with who you can then engage and build relationships with.

Whoever you follow or engage with, keep in mind that Twitter is about giving  and receiving information, and most importantly adding quality to the conversation. In such a crowded space, you can’t simply tweet for the sake of it and expect to be successful.  You have to have a plan and bear in mind that every tweet is an opportunity.  So, let’s look at nine ideas to consider before hitting that tweet button…

1) Ask for opinions or advice: There’s no harm in asking the Twitterverse for their opinion on a topic, sometimes it will encourage real time responses. This is particularly good for encouraging interaction and conducting market research.

2) Expertise: If you’re or your company is an expert in a certain field, why not demonstrate this through how do guides or blogs. People are always looking to learn new things and this is a great way to develop a reputation as a thought leader.

3) Tweet about relevant industry news and become an established source of information, once again offering and asking people’s opinions.

4) Give people credit where credit is due.  If you find a great blog or article, either ReTweet or give the person a mention. This is a great way to build your network and connect with influencers in your niche. Who knows, it could lead to new opportunities.

5) Say Thank You: If anyone has been kind enough to provide you with feedback or ReTweeted/mentioned one of your tweets, give them a little thank you; it will go a long way in helping you to strengthen relationships with your audience.

6) Reviews: If you have reviews of an event, web-site or book for example, share them with your network as it’s highly likely they will be of use.

7) On the go: Not everyone has enough time to read pages and pages of information, however useful it is. So why not produce top five tips for example to give your audience a micro snapshot of relevant information they can digest in five minutes. Top fives / tens have proven to be an extremely popular way of encouraging users, who are typically bombarded with information, to click through to your site.

8) Plan your tweets: Think about when your audience are most active and what they are looking for. But do not barrage your audience with ten tweets in five minutes, as this will congest a person’s news feed which isn’t a good thing.

9) Be Personable:  Try to get yours or your team’s personality into your tweets where you can. A great way to do this is by tweeting milestones or achievements. We’ve had a few guys who a completed marathons, cycles and triathlons, which is great for a tweet and adds a face /human element to your brand.

Summary points: Obviously depending on what industry you or your company are in will effect what works best for you, but one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that Twitter is about being genuine, useful and active. One area we didn’t include above is making sure the presentation of your account is up to scratch. If you’ve mastered your tweets, don’t let poor visual or a messy home page bring let you down.

If you have any secrets, top tips or would like any help with social platforms such as twitter, be sure to get in touch and one of our amped team members will be happy to help.